Dal’s Arrow Shafts inspired by Chris Boyton are in production. These will be in limited batches to start with. The premium shafts will be cut and finished on Chris’s original machines. These will only be available via selected stockists to start with. Other stockists will be announced as an when, so please keep up to date by checking the Facebook page or website.

With the next stage of COVID restrictions being eased on the 12th April please be aware that I still can’t have anyone just turn up to my workshop to “Just say hello and see how your getting on”. My workshop is not big enough to social distance in. I know lots of people want to see what I’m doing but I’m sorry I don’t have the space and I still want to keep my social bubble very small to protect people. Hopefully everyone understands.

The following stockists Carol Archery & Eagle Archery UK now have some of my shafts. These are in limited batches so will likely be used up quickly.

Please be aware the above is subject to change due to the current Covid-19 virus situation, government guidelines and / or local guildlines on Covid-19.

Please take time to read through and look through the other pages on this website. You may find some interesting info.


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